Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Party

Good evening everyone! It's been awhile hasn't it? I would be posting more often, except for the sad fact that I have to study for tests and things like that! Enough of depressing subjects, I am joining in Miss Kellie's delightful Give Thanks Blog Party

1. List three (little) things you wouldn't want to live without
Uhmmm probably books, animals, and the great out doors
2. Name something you had to do without recently
A heated room, lately been piling blankets on my bed because of the cold draft from my new and not quite finished window.
3. What are you most thankful for that you consider a luxury?
Having my own room, which in a family of ten is quite a luxury!
4. Name an item you use the most throughout your day
My mama's kindle, I am currently addicted to the books by Elizabeth Gaskell and am doving through Wives and Daughters
5. What would life be like without the item listed in #4?
Not too bad, but I would miss all the free old books. I guess I would have to resort to the book forms, not too bad a thing in my estimation.
6. Name something that you use in the kitchen that you are thankful for
Our grace radio, I love listening to old radio shows while cleaning the kitchen!
7. What is (one of ) the best earthly gift(s) you ever received?
Very tough question, hmmm, I think that their are too many for me to count but one that comes to mind is the gift of life (I think that counts as earthly), I would have to admit that it is rather hard to enjoy anything else without this gift!
8. Name a completely random thing you are thankful for
Sweaters, great for a cold room, and socks too, its amazing how warm they can keep you!
9. How often do you think about the item listed in #8?
How often? Well practically never I suppose, just grab the sweater whenever I'm cold. Same thing goes for the socks.
10. Name something you recently acquired, that you have wanted for a long time
Not exactly, I did get a dress for Christmas that I have been wanting for the total of one morning! Mentioned to my mama that morning that I didn't have a dress for Christmas, and that very evening my mama finds a beautiful velvet dress (I think it looks like it could have come from the 1940's) for one dollar at the thrift store!
11. Would you rather have #4, or #7?
Not very hard decision there! I think I would rather be alive then have a kindle to read! Rather hard to enjoy anything without #7!
12. Name one of your favorite things
Horses! Have been crazy about them since I was three years old! Still am for that matter!
13. Look around the room you are in, and name three things you enjoy in it
Knitting, Reading, and playing with my cat, Oh wait sleeping's nice too!
14. List three tools you use in your daily work that you are thankful for
Notebooks, computer, and pens, rather boring but when pretty much all you do all day is do homework, there aren't too many things that you have to use for that. Still I'm very thankful for these daily tools even if they are rather boring!
15. Name something that you sometimes wish you didn't have in your life, but that you would miss dreadfully if it were taken away
I don't think I know how to answer this question, it poses a rather difficult question. But I shall give a rather odd answer to it and it may not make very much sense. Pain, that is my answer, but before you start thinking that I enjoy this or something, pain is really a one of those things that we never see as a blessing, but I think that it is. With pain we learn many things, and through our pain we become closer to God. We can even use our pain as an offering to God. I have in my life experienced quite a bit of physical pain, and still do though my headaches, but even though I would love for these to stop, it is not always what is best for us. Now that I have finished my little sermon on pain, you may now commence to the next question!
16. Post a picture (or ten) of something you are thankful for!
Large Families! Mine expecally!

Little siblings!
Very Long hair

Long walks in the woods
Old books!
I hope that you will all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Unsinkable Blog Giveaway!

Sorry about not posting for awhile, but I got rather bogged down with various assignments for college. Anyway I found this delightful blog that is having a giveaway at the moment, and because I thought you might want to know about it (also I get an extra entry for posting about it) here it is:
And the giveaway of this month is this lovely pattern from Sense and Sensibility Patterns
Tea Gown close-up

Isn't it pretty?
That's all the time I have for today, and I should get back to writing my speech on chocolate.... ugh!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Fashion Challenge ~ Day Six - Fall Fashions 2011

Day six already?! Today's Challenge was to wear the fall fashions of 2011, and I chose to do a combination of two, western and plaid. As you may notice, I like strong colors. I heard a theory that people with dark hair prefer darker/bolder colors and people with lighter hair prefer lighter/paler colors. So which to think I am? Dark hair or light hair?

Plaid Shirt: Target
Pink shirt: Old Navy
Jean Skirt: Route 99
Cowboy boots: Thrifted

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Fashion Challenge ~ Day Five - Poka-Dots!

             Good morning everyone! Today's challenge was to wear poka-dots, and seeing as I only have one outfit that has poka-dots there wasn't too many options to chose from.
             Have you ever been envious of the little girls clothes that you see in a store? Theirs is always so bright and playful! Manys the time when I've thought "Why can't they make nice clothes for older girls? We like bright colors too!" But no were stuck with the greys and blacks! So I decided to modify an old Easter Dress of mine and made into a very cute skirt, if I do say so myself!

Skirt: Modified from girl's Easter dress
Blouse: Thrifted
Sequined Sweater: Coles
Necklace: Target, dollar section
Shoes: Target

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fashion Challenge ~ Day Four - Vintage Favorites

Good morning everyone! Today's challenge is to wear an outfit from the past! I picked a time around the 1950's, and my dress is an actual vintage dress from the 1950's! So are the shoes and also the necklace!

 I feel like I just came from the 1950's, we see if it will effect how I talk, by golly!

 These pearls where my great-great grandmother's pearls, so I have absolutely no idea how old they are but I can guess that they are from somewhere in the 1950's.
A very interesting print, not one that you would see today! I still rather puzzled as to what it is a print of....
Still it works out to have a pretty nice effect on the dress!

I just love how these shoes look with this dress, even though they do hurt quite abit to wear! We'll see how long I last in them. I believe that are from the 1930's or somewhere around then, still they are pretty old! They knew how to make shoes back then, the shoes that I have, usually wear out within the month!

Shoes: Thrift store - Vintage 1930's
Dress: Thrift store- Vintage 1950's
Pearl: Great-Great Grandmother's pearls

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fashion Challenge ~ Day Three

Hi everyone! Today's challenge is Bold tights! Challenging certainly, but I manage to dig up some bright pink one. Completed by the dashing striped sweater, result - an outfit that will wake the dead!

Sweater: Gap
Tights: L.L.Bean
Jean Skirt: Casual Corner
Flats: Faded Glory

Can't wait to see what the rest of you are wearing today!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Fashion Challenge ~ Day Two

Day two already?! Today's challenge is color combination that don't usually go together. I did a combination of a navy shirt and a mint green cardigan crocheted with love from mum, its great to have parents who love you!

Cardigan: Handmade by mum!
Shirt: Wallmart
Jeans: Wrangler
Flats: Faded glory
Feather Broach: Thrift store

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fashion Challange ~ Day One

I'm a little late in the game but better late then never! So here it is a fashion challenge from Bramblewood Fashion and I've decided to take up the challenge. Here are the challenges:
Sunday - There is no challenge for this day. You can do what ever you want.

Monday - Black & Brown/ Red & Pink / any color combinations that don't normally go together.

Tuesday - Bold Tights {color, prints, patterns, lace-y...}

Wednesday - Dress like your favorite era. {1910s, 1940s, 1970s, etc...}

Thursday - Polka dots. {If you don't have polka dots, you can do another print you own.}

Friday - Your favorite Fall trend. {I have a post on the Fall trends here.}

Saturday - Wear a hat. 
We'll see how I do as far as getting them done on time but any way here is my first outfit.
It is a family rule that we can't post picture of ourselves on the Internet so on top of this challenge I also have to think of creative way of taking pictures of clothes without actually wearing them.

Wool Skirt: Mummy's old skirt
Pink Sweater: Thrift find
Shoes: Merona, thrifted as well

Ooo I found out that I can post thing in the PAST! Isn't that exciting? look it says that I posted this yesterday, when I really posted it today! Yes! Time travel is possible!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Embroidered Books

Sorry about not posting for some time, things have been getting weird. Too much to get into right now, another post perhaps. Anyway I found these delightful and colorful classics,

I never thought that it would look nice to embroider book covers, but the end result is quite pretty I think. The only let down is that the cover of the book is only a photo of the embroidery. I thought that I might have a go at trying to make this covers and frame them for over my bed. Of course I shall have to work off the pictures but I think that I can manage, even if the colors won't be exactly the same. I will have to post them after a I finish!