Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beatrix Potter and her Little Friends

 I have always loved the little stories and paintings by Beatrix Potter and also really enjoyed watching the movie Miss Potter, so I have be inspired to take up my own paint brush and copy some of her paintings.

Walking Miss Bunny Home By Miss Rose

Blackberries by Miss Rose

Apply Dapply by Miss Rose

They are all based on paintings done by Beatrix Potter but are more colorful and a lot less detailed. To give you an idea of how different they are here is one of the paintings that I based the one of the two bunnies off of.
As you may have notice the weather has changed (how do you paint snow anyway?) I think mine turned out rather well but hers is infinitely better. Anyway I hope to bring them to our little county fair. My next project I think I will try to paint some of the mice from the book Redwall.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Formal ~ 1920's

The homeschool group that I belong to is have a spring formal, and this year I am on the planning committee we decided that the theme is going to be a 1920's theme. I had suggested that we do the theme on the1800's but no such luck. Anyway, the 1920's  isn't so bad, it was an interesting time and some of my favorite authors are from the 1920's (such as Agatha Christie) When we had decided on that theme, I was thinking how on earth am I going to find a 1920's dress? After the meeting I was looking on the web for some ideas and patterns. I decided that I really don't like the style of most of the dresses (the fashion of 1920's dresses mainly was drop waisted, which is a style I don't prefer) but of all the dress styles I preferred the style of dress which is called a fishtail which looks something like this:

I really couldn't find anything in the way of a pattern under a hundred dollars, but as it turned out I didn't have to make a dress at all! The Saturday after all this my mother was out thrift shopping, and she wasn't even looking for a dress for me (since we had determined that I would have to make the dress.) She found the perfect dress, and it was also a fishtail! It is completely made of silk, and it only cost four dollars! It is truly amazing that even in the small things God is looking out for us.
         Now all I have to think about is the accessories. I am going to try and find some shoes from that style they will hopefully look something like this and won't kill you to dance in 
I also have some ideas as to what I can do for my hair. The style from around that time was a very short bob, not exactly friendly for the girl who has roughly three feet of long brown hair, but I have a couple tricks up my sleeve rather then cut my hair for the dance. As far as other accessories maybe a long string of glass bead or pearls, maybe a feather in my hair who knows? It should be a very fun night.