Friday, August 26, 2011

I live!

Well almost... I just started my online college courses, I have never been so busy in my life! I'm used to doing my homework at my own pace and usually I would get done at around lunch time (or earlier *muhaha* the wonders of being homeschooled!) And now I'm lucky if I get done before ten at night! I now can sympathise with all college students, though my sister says that it always the first week that is the hardest to get used to. Any way, I'm hoping I can get a year of college done early, and then I hope to spend that extra time double majoring in animal science and equine science. I'm also breaking in my sisters old room, which I got after she went to college. And I had to give up my old room *sniff* after I had just about finished decorating. I had painted, riped up the carpet, and even made a quilt to match! (the room not the carpet) Now I have to start all over again except this time I also have to take out the celling tiles which are full of mold (I just hate mold! which is giving me so nasty headaches!) and we need to put in a full window. As it is, I have two very small windows that just let in enough light so that it seems like it is raining on the sunniest of days. Because of which it has now been christened the dungeon. I going to be doing a re-make of my blog which is I think getting a little to busy. Also it would be nice to have more room for the actual posts. Anyway that's for after school work which I should be getting back to.