Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Oriental Fusion Fashion

For my senior prom the theme was oriental, I had initially planed on wearing one of the Chinese dresses that my dad got for me when he went there for business. But after some consideration I realized that it would be nearly impossible to dance in. I was certian that I would have to make something or not dress acording to theme (but that's no fun!) After doing some research on oriental clothing I came up with an idea how to renovate a modern formal dress into a hanbok/kimono cross. I had obtained an old bridesmaid dress from a friend of the family with the intention of remodeling it into a Victorian ball gown (which was later determined impractical because of the low back). I used this for the skirt. I modified a pattern I found at a fabric store for the kimono jacket (or if you prefer to be correct in your terms it would be a gi, but kimono jacket sound so much more elegant) and picked out some pretty oriental fabric for the obi (a.k.a. the sash) all tied up with the gold cord.

Oriental Fusion Formal Dress

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